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Jet fan ventilation system

Jet Fan Ventilation System

Modelling Jet Fan Ventilation System 

The ventilation of air within buildings is a critical subject for ensuring a building is both comfortable and safe for people to occupy. Ventilating and conditioning the air within a building represents a significant design, construction and maintenance cost. Additionally, traditional design approaches that do not utilise CFD modelling overdesign these systems due to the many uncertainties inherent in the process.  Using CFD modelling to simulate the fluid flow within building spaces can drastically reduce design uncertainty and allow a right-sized and efficient design to be implemented.

Fluidics has vast experience in modelling buildings to ensure occupant comfort (a pleasant temperature and optimal flow speed), adequate ventilation of spaces (to minimise CO2 build-up), natural ventilation strategies through the use of atria or crossflows, accounting for solar radiant heating of spaces and airflow movement in different seasons, control of airborne pathogen spread and the design of ventilation control strategies for pollutants in carparks using any combination of jet fans, mechanical supply and exhaust and natural ventilation.

Selected Projects

  • The Palms Mall
  • Skyline Gondola
  • Hastings Police Station
  • Palmerston North Library
  • Canterbury District Health Board
  • Sumner Community Centre
  • Fairfax
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