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About Us

Fluidics is an Australian-owned business, specialising in numerical simulation analysis in order to enable fire safety engineers, mechanical engineers, architects and contractors to evaluate and enhance their design by utilising numerical multi-physics models, including CFD. We are well-known in industry for providing the highest quality design analysis and advice. By understanding the fluid flow heat transfer (and any other relevant physics) of the proposed design, effective solutions can be implemented to enhance the design’s efficiency, efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness.

Why Fluidics


At Fluidics, experienced CFD professionals work closely together to ensure high-quality numerical modelling, analysis, and advice. Dr. Sam Alshroof and Dr. Jonathan Vogt lead this team. Sam has more than 15 years of CFD experience, having led research teams at the University of New South Wales, Curtin University, and won an Australian Research Council grant with Adelaide University. Sam has extensive industrial experience in CFD consulting, having led CFD teams across Australia, NZ, and UK geographies. Sam’s main strength is optimizing systems in both mechanical and fire safety, and minimizing impacts on the environment.

Jonathan has over 15 years of CFD experience, across a wide range of application areas. He brings to Fluidics broad research and industrial CFD experience and a passion for achieving design excellence.  His core strength is his analytical expertise, enabling him to exploit CFD findings very effectively.

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