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Alternative Solution Australia

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Fire and Smoke Modelling

A leading research team on fire and smoke modelling for residential and commercial buildings.

Jet Fan Modelling

We design mechanical ventilation in car parks using both traditional mechanical system and/or jet fans. We provide alternative solutions for both fire and CO.

Mechanial and Natural Ventilation

We provide validation and optimisation of any mechanical or natural ventilation design (including SEPP 65). Also, comfort zone analysis


Design and optimisation of turbines.

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Egress Modelling

Modelling high occupant load in assembly spaces:
Malls, Stadiums, Airports, Train Stations and Hospitals.

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Wind modelling and toxic gases dissipation including CO and NOx in open terrain, new development and carparks.

CFD and Multi-zone airflow modelling to evaluate natural ventilation across the year.

Performance pathway studies for Alternative natural ventilation of apartments in noisy environments.

Ocean Wave Modelling

Modelling and optimisation of wave energy converter using two phase modelling, to simulate ocean waves.

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